Technical Services & Resources

Delivering Results Every Day

Experienced engineering resources are always in high demand. Cost reduction and avoidance are a daily pursuit for successful manufacturing companies. Time pressures continue to grow as more companies respond to increasingly stringent demands for performance. In many circumstances adding staff is simply not an option as fixed cost must be contained in order to compete; yet somehow the work must be done!

ICI's Technical Services capabilities are ideal for companies seeking to make operational improvements. Drawing from the strengths of ICI's Machinery Technology talent pool, ICI engineers are at work every day advancing client plant and engineering capabilities. ICI engineers bring notable and distinct advantages to client endeavors:

Breadth of Exposure

Technical Service Engineers work across a wide cross-section of industries, applications and technologies. The depth of exposure gained from working in one industry can in many cases be applied or adapted to another industry. The value of cross industry technology is something that most companies find difficult to obtain and even more difficult to retain. Objectivity and technology advances are a significant benefit that translates into cost effective, performance improving initiatives for our clients.

Scalable Assignment

Scope of assignment can range from Kaizen events designed to foster an improvement in condition for a particular aspect of operations to Embedded Engineering assignments intended to bring about wholesale and continuous improvement in operations. The magnitude of assignment and resources required are customized to meet client needs.

Deploy On-Demand

Working according to a clearly defined scope of work, ICI Technical Services Engineers can land on the job when and where needed, perform according to stated objectives, and withdraw once the mission is accomplished. Our clients can readily supplement permanent engineering talent to get the job done without on-going expense or financial commitment. If the assignment is long term, ICI's engineers in many cases can perform needed functions at costs which compare favorably to maintaining full-time employees.

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