Control system Retrofitting

A unique approach to custom machinery & systems

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Unbiased by brand or manufacturer

ICI's chief concern is meeting the needs of our industrial customers by designing and supplying the best available technology without preference or restriction by brand.

Seek commercially available products & components

If a suitable commercially available machine or sub-system exists,
ICI will seek, find, and verify suitability. Assuming performance is confirmed, the commercial product will be used before custom design. Likewise, commercially available components are preferred for all custom machinery and systems.

State-of-the-market solutions

ICI machinery and systems work every day in production environments. ICI believes that the best available technology generates the best result when proven robust and maintainable.

Drawing first on the resources and capabilities of our clients, then from pre-established pre-qualified suppliers, while maintaining strict design and project control, ICI performs much like a general contractor to build special purpose machinery and machine cells.  InterContinental Industries provides complete turnkey solutions with single-source responsibility to all machinery customers.  Support continues throughout the usable life of the equipment.

ICI's Machinery Technology Strength 

> Broad spectrum of process knowledge & application experience
> Objectivity in selecting the best means to address a requirement
> Select team of engineers and manufacturing professionals
> Keen sense of value added and competencies across supply base
> Extensive project management and project control mechanisms
> Depth of resources while maintaining a cost efficient structure
> Commitment to long-term performance of every machine

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Sawing systems for metal, high temperature alloys, and non-metallic


Clean Room Applications

Die change Automatic Storage & Retrieval Systems for presses, roll forming, and other types of machinery


Vision, LASER, and other advanced sensor based inspection systems

Press automation

Robotic systems for material handling, assembly, machine tending, and more