Merger/Acquisition Support

Background: A $2 billion multinational firm wished to roll-up competing smaller firms. The company faced two impediments: First, competitors were reluctant to share information due to the threat of future loss, and second, purchase prices escalated early once the scale of of client's business was discovered. The result was that many opportunities were dissolving before the opportunity to assess value was determined.

ICI's Contribution: Applying ICI's Seven Degree Global Business Development Process provided our client access to information and the ability to enter negotiations that were previously unobtainable. ICI identified the universe of potential targets for acquisition. A sophisticated system was constructed that enabled accurate filtering of the universe of acquisition candidates to surface only the most desirable candidates for further investigation. Key aspects of each organization was uncovered to form the basis for meaningful discussion and subsequent valuation. Finally, leading candidates for acquisition were approached and engaged before revealing our client's interest while the confidentiality of all parties was preserved.

Site Selection

Background: A competitor purchased the property that our client had leased for years. Finding the situation to be untenable, our client was determined to relocate an established business despite potential customer loss and inconvenience.

ICI's Contribution: Particular care was necessary to insure our client's customers were not confused by the relocation and mistakenly assumed by the competition. After comprehensive demographic analysis, ICI searched within a close proximity to find multiple new sites that offered markedly improved consumer visibility when compared to the former location. Negotiation of amore favorable lease arrangement was conducted and a newly constructed building secured. Our client experienced a 25% reduction in annual lease expense combined with an increase in customer volume.

Strategic Alliance

Background: Our client had successfully conducted business in Germany for four decades and wished to enter the US market. Several products had been purchased in Europe by European customers and shipped to the US to support US divisions.

ICI's Contribution: Because the client lacked resources and infrastructure, ICI first launched a search for possible acquisition candidates. Once it became apparent that no suitable candidates for acquisition were available, ICI formed a joint venture company to provide mandatory technical support for existing and prospective US customers. ICI went on to apply our Eight Degree Marketing & Sales Process to aid in effectively marketing the German producer in the US marketplace.

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