ICI Areas of Service – Advertising and Promotion


Promotional Campaigns

Background: A therapy developed in Europe demonstrated remarkable benefit but was completely unknown in the US. Our client had entered into an agreement to distribute the new therapy in the Midwest. Distribution included complete marketing, merchandising, compounding, training, and supply.

ICI's Contribution: ICI's role was to supply all necessary business infrastructure necessary to support the new enterprise. A significant portion of the assignment included the development of both an effective business-to-business promotional campaign as well as a comprehensive business-to-consumer marketing strategy. ICI utilized brand management tools to craft an identity for the therapy that distinguished it from future alternative import sources. Within six weeks of beginning the assignment, ten seminars were conducted, hundreds of physician consumers were contacted, and initial orders were booked.


Technical Presentations

Background: Our client had worked with ICI for some time and in a number of different capacities. ICI fully managed our client's participation and introduction at a major industry trade show and arranged for the client's product to be showcased at an exclusive technical seminar highlighting the trade fair. Our client was not experienced with the requirements of technical presentations nor did they have the free resources to support the event.

ICI's Contribution: Building upon in-depth knowledge of our client, their products, and their industry, ICI authored a technical white paper that captured the full breadth of product capability. Having the added benefit of ICI's 3-Step branding Process, the technical paper and extensive presentation presented the essence of the brand embodied in technical features of the product. The technical white-paper is an effective document that will endure with multiple-use capacity. ICI presented the technical review during the proceedings on behalf of our client to industry experts from across North America.

Trade Show Management

Background: Consumed with finalizing a newly developed product and unfamiliar with the appropriate industry events, our client's pressure to generate sales revenue in order to recover R&D investment was paramount.

ICI's Contribution: ICI researched industry customs and events to determine the best available opportunity for increasing market share and brand awareness. Once selected, ICI provided complete trade show management services, including space and site selection given projected traffic flow and competitor locations. Booth concept, graphic design, construction and erection were managed on a turnkey basis on behalf of our client. Trade show personnel were arranged, trained, and organized as well as assisted throughout the event. Show leads were collected, sorted, ranked ,and delivered for subsequent follow-up. Our client's personnel were free to concentrate on unique aspects of their business that only they could perform while ICI delivered all services necessary to make the trade show event a complete success.

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