Sales Assistance

Background: Severe competition and a declining economy placed a small contract manufacturing company in a difficult position. The marketplace was showing signs of desperation pricing, over capacity, and tightening credit restrictions. The only answer was to take market share.

ICI's Contribution: ICI was engaged to assist with "turning the tide" for our client. Emergency measures were implemented to assess available resources, determine the basis for differentiation, and seek cost effective opportunities to showcase our clients capabilities. An intensive sales campaign was launched that featured personal contact with a large potential customer pool in order to introduce our client and secure supplier status with major OEM purchasers. Our client weathered difficult times and increased market share by taking business from would-be competition.

Distribution Channel Configuration

Background: Having a successful business upon which to build, our client made the decision to diversify by developing an entirely new product that moved them out of their traditional industry. With no previous affiliations, they found it very difficult to secure sales talent but mandatory if they were to succeed.

ICI's Contribution: Applying ICI's 8 Degree Marketing & Sales Process® provided an excellent framework upon which to assess and select appropriate representation. As the value of this particular organization is customer knowledge, ICI determined that contracted distributors were the most appropriate means to launch into the marketplace. ICI identified and interviewed numerous organizations, investigated credentials, and developed agreements that protected the interests of all concerned. Representative training was organized and conducted in concert with our client to ultimately create and effective selling force.

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