Operations Assessment

Background: As a leading supplier of automotive forgings, our client had attained a position of high volume, tight tolerance raw material supply to a major US vehicle manufacturer. Parts had to be supplied to near net shape requirements for subsequent finishing processes. Parts also were supplied on a just-in-time basis; rejects were disruptive unless detected early in the manufacturing process.

ICI's Contribution: After review of the entire manufacturing system, ICI determined that basic manufacturing processes and machinery were sound; however, part production failures were systemic due to the nature of forging. Therefore, a two tiered system for inspection and gauging was required. ICI conducted an unbiased evaluation of commercially available devices capable of supporting high speed data collection for complex geometries. The result was elimination of many technologies that promised results but failed to deliver. A complete test report enumerated all technologies considered along with recommendation and selection of the best available means to inspect parts. The cost of mistakenly applying a given inspection technology would have amounted to hundreds of thousands in lost capital and lost production.

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