Management Consultation

Background: Our client had benefited from a customer relationship that spanned over forty years; this long-standing relationship was experiencing strain only magnified by the substantial portion of sales that the customer commanded. Communication was now erratic where once open, order volume unpredictable where once stable, and business relationships ranged from very sound to the unfamiliar. It was a high stakes situation with many unknown elements.

ICI's Contribution: ICI was asked to participate in a critical contract negotiation between our client and our client's largest customer. Prior to the negotiation, ICI conducted research into the customer to gain an understanding of prevailing circumstances. It was determined that industry changes had occurred that had only indirect bearing on our client, but significant direct bearing on our client's customer. ICI assisted by surfacing ways in which our client might aid their customer to overcome obstacles and increase sales through better product and service offerings that only our client could offer. The result was a victory for all concerned.

Operating Systems

Background: Our client developed a new product that represented a complete departure from their traditional business. They needed a non-intrusive, yet comprehensive manner to track project revenue, cash receipts, costs, cash disbursements, and profitability on a project-by-project basis. The new tracking system had to work in concert with existing financial software. Tight budget requirements dictated that the system be easily maintained and accessible to those skilled in the use of computers as well as limited computer users.

ICI's Contribution: ICI selected a commercially available database application and worked with our client to fully understand the operating realities of their new business. The system was adapted to work as a companion to existing business accounting software. A customized interface allowed all users to work with the system through cascading selector buttons which required little training and no working knowledge of the application software. All material and labor cost components were generated as a normal function of product purchasing and individual time tracking yet extensive up to the minute reporting capability gave management accurate information necessary to make informed decisions.

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