Database Development

Background: A telecommunications distributor and data services provider faced mounting competition and service supplier pressure for increased volume. An industry-wide decline placed long-term established customers of our client at risk to newly emerging and undisciplined competitors seeking new geographic markets.

ICI's Contribution: After researching the dynamics of our client's business it was determined that a systematic method to identify return on invested resources and quickly uncover micro market trends was necessary. The system needed to allow grass-roots data input without time demand from critical personnel. ICI designed and developed a "Clientbase" system based on a commercially available database application that flowed seamlessly into the work day while providing sophisticated analytical tools for client behavior modeling. Training time and "Clientbase" roll-out was accomplished in less than four (4) hours.

Demographic Analysis

Background: Our client designs and builds advanced machinery for precision aerospace engine component manufacturing. The company had recently been purchased by a investor group committed to expanding aerospace industry participation and diversifying into new industries.

ICI's Contribution: A comprehensive review of product attributes enabled ICI to capture core competencies. ICI then superimposed our client's unique capabilities on selected new industries to determine how our client's products and services might add value. A profile of high potential prospects was configured based on evaluation of past customer buying patterns. This profile was then applied to industry data to isolate target consumers for the specialized equipment. Three new industries were opened and sales within the aerospace industry soared to record levels.

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