Background: A Cosmetic Dermatologist saw an opportunity to expand the practice through the introduction of a break-through therapy. Consumed with the practice of medicine, the ability to move the therapy from the laboratory to the consumer proved to be insurmountable. Further, market reaction to new medications and procedures had to be addressed if the therapy was to succeed.

ICI's Contribution: ICI applied the 6-Degree Professional Services Marketing Process™ to our client's business venture. After careful review ICI determined that both a Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer strategy were required. Product assurance and information regarding patient care were essential. The foundation of the marketing approach had to be based on a complete understanding of the underlying chemical components. Pricing strategy was developed that offered a low barrier to entry for B2B physicians combined with attractive prices for early adopting patients. Demographic analysis revealed high probability customers for the new therapy. Finally comprehensive and integrated promotional tools depicting therapeutic benefits were developed that placed ICI's client and the new product in full view of the consumer.

Market Research

Background: A national therapeutic services organization encountered the loss of its referral base in a particular location combined with the threat of a new competing organizations offering identical services. The result was an immediate drop in patient revenue and confusion over identity.

ICI's Contribution: ICI was called in to immediately confront the crisis and support internal personnel with reorganization and recovery measures. Market research using ICI's extensive data resources was conducted to identify new sources of referral. Research went further to discover untapped market segments and resources to mobilize on behalf of our client. Finally, a new operating location was selected, lease terms negotiated, and arrangements made to position the company in a highly visible locale in the interest of name recognition.

Process Development

Background: Our client carefully planned and was on the cusp of opening a new healthcare facility that focused on a variety of patient needs using a cross section of applied therapies. It was clear that the new practice needed to offer programs that not only met the needs of patients but went further to document progress. Our client planned to comply with appropriate standards of care and wanted to go further to perhaps better address specific circumstances.

ICI's Contribution: Because ICI performs according to well defined proprietary processes, ICI agreed to facilitate and assist with program development through process definition. Professionals knowledgeable in specific disciplines, through a series of structured events, were debriefed as to procedures, modalities, and therapies that had been used successfully. Information distilled to its essence could then be configured to produce a logical flow. Reconstituting component parts into a process enables subsequent review and analysis. Once complete, clinical programs could be developed.

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