Background: A world leading producer of plastic perishable packaging developed a proprietary process for making their products. The process involved extensive machinery and support systems that were improved over the years. Since confidentiality was paramount, our client had little basis for comparison with other processes and producers using more conventional machinery and systems.

ICI's Contribution: ICI engineers conducted an extensive review of our client's process. Once key operating requirements were defined, machinery and sub-systems were analyzed to establish core underlying technologies. ICI went on to compare and contrast the underlying device-level technologies with similar technologies applied in other arenas and industries. Once complete, the machinery was reconstituted to shore-up sub-system technologies, making it the most advanced of its kind in the industry.

Business Strategy

Background: Our client had been in family practice for over twenty years. With dramatic changes taking place in the healthcare industry, our client faced the untenable paradox of seeing more patients but earning less than ever before.

ICI's Contribution: ICI was enlisted to evaluate means and methods to increase bottom line profit and leverage physician time and talent. The result was development of a new business model featuring decreased dependency on third-party reimbursement, greater vertical integration of patient products and services, and the ability to expand the scope of therapies through strategic alliance. Once implemented, margins and revenue showed significant gains. The final deliverable was a comprehensive business plan suitable for all stakeholders with sufficient detail to govern day-to-day operations.

Business Plan Development

Background: Our client had received numerous awards and recognition as a leader in applied electronics and electrical engineering support. A new sensor system was secured that promised revolutionary advances. The system had undergone extensive research and development scrutiny, but had no commercial presence.

ICI's Contribution: ICI applied both technical and business talent to embody the capabilities of the new technology in a meaningful plan to introduce, position, and capture market share. The plan identified potential applications and industries for which the sensor technology held the greatest potential. A universe of probable customers, their needs, and competitive obstacles were considered to configure sales channels and promotional campaigns. Pro forma financial information was compiled upon which to secure necessary working capital.

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